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Discover Profitable Keyword Phrases from a Blank Slate to Page 1 Google

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Discover Profitable Keyword Phrases from a Blank Slate to Page 1 Google

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Hey Everyone, Peter Drew here and Im just so happy to be able to present this video about
our new EcomSpyPRO software.
This is going to blow you away
you’ll see how we mine the top 10 selling/ecomerce sites on the planet
to supply you terms based on your niche or products that are popular
and get on Page 1 Google, pretty much instantly?

First I’ll show you the software and how it works, then after that I’ll
go into greater detail about how all of the components work togeth
and reveal my Mega Bonus that just ties it all intogether and you
get this on the house!

5 main points to go over.
1. Where we collect your data and why its brilliant.
2. How we filter your data to reveal all the Page 1 terms everyone else has missed.
3. How you can supply your own data.
4. how we achieve all this data crunching.
5. My mega bonus that just completes this strategy and gets on actual real
time Page 1 results in Google.

So now I’m going to go over the software and then go into much more detail
explaining how and why this is so awesome.

1. We mine our data from the top 10 selling ecommerce sites on the internet.

Obviously their goal is to, 1. Give you a great user experience and 2. Present you
with the best quality suggestions to help your order faster and more frequently.

So they create their own auto complete algorithms based on what previous people
purchased based on the seed search terms you enter in their sites.

They are very similar agorithms that are using with Netflix, suggestions
and YouTube suggestions, which we all know how brilliant they work, youtube
can keep you on their site for hours and hours :)

So these sites do the same, presenting you the most popular products related
to your seed search term.

They present you with the most popular list of related terms, and we collect
all of these from the top 10 sites and give them to you directly.

2. Once we’ve collected all these related terms from the top 10 sites,
we check them to see if any are duplicated. If you see a term more than
once, I’ve seen it up to 5 times so far in testing, this means this product
is legit.. that means 5 sites have this product listed as a best seller.

Typically then I’ll drill down, or start another project using that term
and find a bunch of other related terms based on that one we know is
very successful on 5 top sites already.

Obiously you can drill down as many times as you like to find all
those Page 1 google listings for popular products.

Ok, so we’ve been presented with our list of profitable related
terms from the top ten sites.
Then ESP sticks them all in Google and does 4 Search Queries for
each term it finds.

What we are doing here is looking for those gems, that we already
know are popular but other people don’t and allow us to rank on
the first page of Google for.

First we do the broad search e.g.
keyword phrase
and present how many listings there are in google for the broad search term.
like this.

Second we put the term in quotes like this
“keyword phrase”
Which reveals how many listings for sites/pages that have these two words
beside each other in this order.. revealing how many pages are just talking
about this phrase.

Third we use the Google Intitle operator like this
intitle:”keyword phrase”
This is very important, as this reveals the websites who are actually targeting
this phrase specifically, because this reveals how many individual webpages
there are indexed in google that has your keyowrd phrase in the title
and with the words exactly in this order. So this is really valuable
information, because this reveals your actual competition.
So if you get a very low number, in this column, then you know
you’ve got a great chance to rank for this term

We use the google inurl operator like this.
inurl:”keyword phrase”
This reveals how many individual pages are indexed in Google with
your keyword phrase in the URL of the site. e.g. domain.com/keyword-phrase
Meaning this is how many websites are in google from people who are trying to specificially
rank for this term. Like above, if this is a low number, then this means,
no body knows about this term and you can rank for it easily.

image of results window.

So as you can see.. we provide incredibly powerful buying keyword phrases
related to the term you enter, then show you exactly which of those
suggested by the top 10 selling websites on the planet you can rank on
page 1 easily.. So you can see why I’m so excited about this new
tool :)

then 3.