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Artificial Intelligence Profiles White Label Reseller Offer

http://AiProfiles.com/wl/ See more here!
In this video I discuss the Software as a service, White Label Reseller offer.
Enabling people to start their own SAAS online easily.
We do all the hard work, creating the software, the service, we supply you your own website, and then we handle all the support.
You can select your own prices.
Its a Great offer solving massive problems in highly traffic niches.

BusinessReach Seo Agency Peter Drew

HI everyone! I’m Peter Drew

I’ve been making really powerful Seo software for so long now, we’ll actually since 2006. To well over 40,000 customers globally.

Helping so many SEO agencies and individuals get their business websites to Rank High in the Search engines and enjoy Free Organic and targeted traffic from the search engines.

It’s something I just love doing, it’s my passion.

Over the years I’ve had so many companies approach me up to Rank their websites for them personally, but We just never had the time.

Our business is always three months behind, because we just love making new, unique, awesome software for our members.

In the last six months I’ve helped a few companies here and there,

Though this time, we got to enjoy in “their” success as the new traffic came in,

Emails back and forth in glee about how great the stats and sales are, coming in.

Then I realised how much “fun” I’ve been missing out on all these years.

Being “a part” of these companies Success.

I’ve always been the one delivering the software to SEO Agencies who help other companies get their success, and “now” I can see what I’ve been missing out on, helping the end user themselves.

So to fix this situation I’ve expanded my company, so we can continue to develop awesome software and tools and also enjoy being a part of other people’s success stories

So here we are, if you’re in the market to get “laser targeted” “free organic search” traffic to your website, click or tap on that Red “Get Started” button, then I’ll get some of your details and we’ll get started .

I really look forward to enjoying in your new found online success!!!

A I Artificial Intelligence Profiles Intelligent Account Creation for Video Marketing

Streamed live 14 hours ago
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Profiles – Intelligent Account Creation for Video Marketing – Below is part of the original email I got from Peter inviting me to be a Beta Tester.

If you haven’t heard already,
I’ve created a new online program for our
Video Marketing community.

Artificial Intelligence Profiles. or AIP

This program creates:-
YouTube Accounts, plus a ton of other
Google accounts all connected together
and obviously verified and ready to go.


24 of the best Web 2.0 Properties, all
connected via IFTTT

All these accounts are created using
YOUR Data, Names, Profile images.
All connected strategically together.

So when you post a video to Your New
YouTube account, this content is populated
Across the entire branded Network!
Easy Peasy.. Not to mention the amazing
amount of Teired linking that happens
Across your new network and to the
Links in the Description of your new videos.

And Yes that includes Facebook Profile AND
Facebook Page, very important now after
the recent Facebook Page name revelations.

Best thing, No Software download, its all online,
You just complete the online forms, filling out the
profile information, submitting the images to use
for Your Profiles ….

Peter Drew.

P.S. Remember, each set of accounts created using your
content by our system are a stand alone multi teired
Extremely powerful automated Web 2.0 Network.
Including all of the most powerful social sites on the net
including all the big G sites and FB too :)