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HOM 2.0 Beta Release Uploading Videos to Facebook and more Web2.0’s

Happy to Announce we have released HOM 2.0 Beta release 1. Tons more to come. Check out the video below to see what’s coming your way in the next few weeks.
On top of creating as many automated YouTube LIVE and HangOut Videos, we’ve just added.
* Add as many google accounts into the software, so you don’t need to change them all the time, they are all stored in software and related to each project.
* Added FACEBOOK Videos!! Upload to any Facebook page you own.
Or Share YouTube video to timeline, or Both!
*Added Blogger, but now you can post to any blogger account and save as many blogger accounts as you like.
* Post to Twitter, software posts your videos title and link to your video, providing more powerful links and traffic to your videos.
* Posts Embed of your video to Tumblr, plus description and the links in the description of your video to Tumblr account, of which you can enter as many as you like.
Lots more Web2.0 sites being added.
Beta testers are testing this right now..
Exciting times..
HOM is now tons easier to use on top of all this, since we added ability to store YouTube accounts in software.