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Playing Squash on a Hoverboard! #Squash #HoverBoard

My kids got two hoverboards for Christmas, so decided to see how I’d go playing squash on a hoverboard.. kinda better than I thought or not.. hard to say but had a great time playing squash on the Hover board. Only fell off a couple of times.
I actually think with some practice you could improve a lot, playing squash your always getting back to the centre of the court and most times running backwards, though on a hover board, its more natural to turn, playing squash your always on your toes ready to move, and when on a hover board its opposite, standing there constantly flat footed, but over time I think you could get pretty good on a hoverboard, especially playing against an opponent on a hoverboard too.. If you get the opportunity to play squash on hoverboard or segway, I highly recommend it!