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Google Site Generator Software Update Ver 1.1

GEt it Here!
Updates include
Ability to edit default HTML template.
Software supplies PDF report once all sites are generated.
Ability to order new Licenses from within software.
Other minor bug fixes
Speed improvements.

Pete’s New Google Site Generator Software :)

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We are back with an new incredible software, that leverages
the power of Google sites. e.g. that utilises

Googles recent addition of giving preference in their index
to sites using https means that the Google sites we are
generating based off your list of keywords, crushes those
local sites that have not implimented HTTPS yet. And from
what I’ve seen over the last few months, not one of our
competitors even in the SEO niche are using HTTPS.

So the sites we are generating using
are ranking amazingly well.

Our new software is very simple to use, just add:
Article content (we have an auto spinner in the software now aswell)
Youtube URL’s
We use Google maps in our templates.
HTML to display on your new google sites.

Then the software does the rest. It goes out and creates
laser targeted Unique Seo Sites on Google based
on the keywords you entered in the software.

So the software is at Beta test stage, meaning
its running really well but we need beta testers
to test the heck out of it and offer ways to
improve it even further.

More news!
I’m moving away from Facebook Groups. Why? so much
important information is parted in them, but it gets
pushed down in the groups never to be seen again.

So I created a new Forum to host all my software
and discussion threads.

This way we’ll never loose information again
and will make for a much better user experience
for all our beta testers and software members.

So please register at this new forum.

Then you’ll see the beta testing forum.
Click in there to see more about this amamzing
new software we are about to release to our
awesome beta testers.
And the video of it and all the amazing results
we are getting in Google :)

More info coming soon.