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How to Rank Virgin GMB to 3 pack in 2 days. Over the shoulder from start to end.

Test all the software you see here for just $1

In this video I show you how to rank a virgin GMB brand new gmb with only title added, no content at all Using 3 Softwares.
1 Hangout Millionaire software.
2. Twitter Citation and Link Monster Software
3. Google Site Indexer.

First we run Hangout Millionaire and create 8 live streamed videos containing links back to your GMB and Business Site.
Then we run Twitter Citation and Link Monster software. Once they are completed we upload their supplied PDF’s to
And put the public links to these PDF’s plus the links created for the videos, tweets and twitter moments in the Google Site Indexer Software and run that.
As you’ll see in the video, the results are stunning, and easily replicable.
Once the new project is setup in the software, to restart those same projects in the 3 softwares takes only 3 mins of your time to recreate all those links again.