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so in case you don’t know we’ve created
these local SEO and GNB software’s that
you can get on my forum at any time, so right now it’s
just too easy to rank your GMB B in any
niche, in any location using our three
automated software’s. So now it’s time
obviously, to get more GMB clients.
Get ready I’m about to show you how to
generate unlimited GMB Leads in any
Niche hold your breath, because we are
diving in right now. Sorry guys I nearly
forgot, wait till you see the deals I’ve
got for our existing members if you have
one of my softwares you’ll get an X
coupon, if you have 2 softwares you’ll
get a bigger discount coupon, and for
those who have three or more of our
software’s just wait till the end of
this video till you see the amazing
Bonus trust me
it’s massive now back to scheduled
programming. Hey guys this Peter drew and
I’ve been doing SEO since 1995 I’ve been
through the highs and lows, more than
We’ve easily made millions of dollars
back in the day, before penguin and panda
like most people did who are paying
attention. I know this because we alone
we had over a thousand agencies paying
us monthly for our software and Google
tightened its reins, and because honestly
we were all getting way too good at SEO
something had to be done around this
time lots of people especially those in
the fringes found other ways to make
income online but they struggled to
recoup the income they previously
generated by SEO but they still did okay
Fast-forward to 2020! And welcome to
Local SEO before local all ice SEO pros
tens of thousands of us were all
competing against each other in, was king and we were all fighting for the same top spots
in one single location but there were a
ton of niches that we all did really
well in but guess what, there are still
more niches than ever before plus and
it’s a massive PLUS
there are now more locations to ranking
while having still the same amount of
niches available let that thought settle
in for a second Batman so back in the
day there were tens of thousands of SEO’s
competing in the same place. But now
there are tens of thousands of places to
compete in plus thousands of niches do
you know what that means let me explain
right now if I choose the niche and
location who will I be competing with I
won’t be competing with you I’ll be
competing with newbies in the local seo
space and guess what it’s just too easy
which you guys know who’ve purchased
either of our three GMB
software’s. Google site index With Nitros
linking – Twitter Citation and Link
Monster software, The Ultimate GMB Map
Blaster Software. These software’s are
widely successful at what they do for
those exact reasons they do exactly what
they say they do right out of the Box rank GMB’s and fast so what have we
learned I can tell you there’s virtually
no competition out there for local SEO
using our tools you can rank GMB’s
easily with virtually no competition
particularly when you’re comparing the
competition to what it was back in the
day so the only thing you’re missing are
leads so what if I told you I create a
brand new software that does nothing but
search for GMB’s in specific locations
and niches but not only does it do that
it specifically targets GMB’s who have
specific features missing from their
setup features that will drive
engagement through the roof for these
potential GMB future clients not only
does it discover these incomplete GMB’s
for you in any niche in any
location this software will
automatically email them on your behalf
using your own Gmail Email address
welcome to our latest GMB software. GMB Quote Machine!
Simply add your Niche and locations the Gmail you’d like to use
your email offer and press Start sit
back and wait for all those leads to
come flowing right into your Gmail inbox
and the software even delivers you a
beautiful PDF report with your niche
business name and email collected from
all the leads that you’ve generated and
it gets even better this is just version
1 if you know us which I’m sure most of
you do you’ll know we frequently update
our software’s with new features
overtime ideas supplied by the best
customers in the world
you guys best thing is you can generate
leads right now for free for three solid
days but there’s more right here I have
my GMB extreme features for 2020 report
I’d like to give it to you guys right
now all you need to do is One share this
video and say something nice. Myself and
my team will go through the list of
people who shared before replying and
then send you the information

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