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GMB Mailder Update 1 3

http://GmbDominator.com to get this amazing software.
This software allows you to discover unlimited Unclaimed Google My Business entries in Google Local Search.
This software allows you to discover Unclaimed GMB’s in Google Local Search by entering as many Keywords and Locations as you like.
The software investigates Google Local Search using your keywords and discovers the Unclaimed GMBs. It then disovers their email address. Then emails them your email content letting them know they have an Unclaimed Google My Business, and how you can help rank them into the Public 3Pack displayed on the front page of google for their preferred keyword phrases.
Plus the software discovers GMB’s that are Paying for Ads , it then discovers their email address and emails them your email content to let them know they can be ranked in the 3Pack so they no longer need to pay for advertising.
This is 100% automated.
This update allows you to Split test your email campaigns, and over time you’ll get dramatically better conversions.
The next update will allow you to send “Follow Up” emails
We supply 10 X generic emails that you can edit to suit your Niche.
Next update we supply a CSV file along with your PDF results.
Future updates will involve a process to ensure 100% deliverability to each prospect the software finds on your behalf. Stay Tuned.