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Google Site Indexer Software Video Demo – With Nitros Linking Network Feature

Google Site Indexer Software Video Demo – With Nitros Linking Network Feature http://www.PetesTrafficSuite.com
In this Google Site Indexer Software Video Demonstration, I show you how simple this software is to use.

There are only 3 windows.
1. Paste in the links you need indexed and hyper linked in the Google Entity Private Network.
2. Paste and Spin Article content.
3. Enter Google accounts you’d like Google Sites created on.

That’s it, let the software go out and create the google sites, one per account, then these new google sites are added to Googles Webmaster tools, then sitemap added and Indexing Requested.

One site created per google account entered in the software.
Each new site created links to the previous one created.

If you use the Nitros Linking Feature, links to your newly created site are placed on other members sites created, which also have links pointing to them etc etc etc.

Google Site Indexer Software Tutorial Video and SEO Ranking Tips

Video Tutorial for Google Site Indexing Tool, Plus Nitros Linking Strategy using the GPN or Google Private Network. http://petestrafficsuite.com

In this video I show how this software creates a new unique, relevant, mobile friendly Google Site, where you can paste your links into the software and the software creates the new site and then goes to Googles Webmaster Tools and adds the site then adds the sitemap and then requests indexing.
These sites are typically indexed within 1 hour.
Using the Nitros feature, places links to the google site just created on other members google sites, which have links from other google sites on their sites.

This gives you powerful tiered links from Google Only Entities, enabling you to rank in very competitive markets easily.

These links work great in conjunction with other powerful domains like YouTube and Twitter. Especially great for Ranking Google My Business listings and getting them in the 3Pack.

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