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Semantic Mastery 2016 Video Marketing Summit.

So I was invited to speak at the 2016 Video Marketing Summit
It was a Content Filled Summit, I learned a ton and spoke a lot, there’s so much GREAT content here guys,
I highly recommend you get a cuppa, drink and sit down and enjoy this great content filled conversation between experts about
what’s working online right now!
The other experts on the panel.
Bill Cousins: YouTube Ranking Expert.
Justin Sardi: YouTube Monetization and Traffic Expert.
Ray Lane: Video Content Expert.
Bradley Benner: Local, Video, SEO, Paid traffic Expert.
And Me, SEO, Video Marketing, Software Automation Expert, blah blah, list goes on :)

Once we got off the call, I skyped everyone to get a great deal on their latest products to share with you.
Check out the great deals I organised for everyone here.