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The Future of Online Video Marketing Explained

HI everyone

I’d like to tell you about the Future of Online Video and tell you about my new FB Live PRO software.

This new Software allows you to broadcast “Any Video” you have created or have on your computer, as a LIVE Event to any amount of Facebook Groups as you like, out of the over 1 Billion Facebook Groups out there.

But let me explain what Facebook Live is.

Facebook has gone to War with the other LIVE Video companies, being Periscope, YouTube, Snapchat.

They’ve already beaten Vine, those short 6 second videos. They are owned by Twitter and they just announced the end of Vine this week.
So Facebook has already taken out one competitor and they are winning.

They are winning because they’ve already got a captive audience of 1.3 Billion people.

So what have they done to ensure their LIVE video wins and provides more views to their videos over the other companies? Well they’ve weighted their Facebook timeline Algorithm heavily in favour of their own Live Content.

That means when you go LIVE on Facebook, all your friends Notifications light up, letting them know you’ve gone live.
Plus they give more preference in everyone’s timelines to LIVE video over everything else including text, images, and other videos. When you go LIVE, your content pops up the top of all your friends timelines, so they are ensured to see it and give you views.

But it gets better.. more on this in a moment.

In 2010
Google Now Indexes 620 Million Facebook Groups

There were 608 Million registered users of Facebook in 2010.
So we can extrapolate this out to over 1 billion Groups on Facebook easily in 2016.

What do people create groups about?
They create groups about what they are passionate about.
Over One billion groups of people talking about what they are passionate about.

Now as marketers or business owners, we are passionate about what we do and in a fantastic position now to find other people via Facebook groups that are passionate about the same thing, but are not aware of you or the product, service that you’re passionate about.
Now here’s where it gets interesting.

We know there’s a billion groups of Facebook, there’d certainly be a ton of groups of people passionate about whatever it is you’re promoting.
I’m about to do a promotion about what I’m passionate about, my own software “FB Live PRO”

So I searched Facebook and found there are over 100 groups dedicated to affiliate promotions, and these groups are filled with people who are passionate about making money.
On average there are around 1500 people in each group, times that by 100 and you have 150,000 people. Which is an incredible reach especially for free and to laser targeted folk.
But here’s where it gets really cool, using FB LIVE as your medium to distribute your message.

Here’s where it gets really awesome.. These people don’t even need to be “In the group” to see my LIVE event. My live event will pop up in their timeline, plus get the advantage the algorithm provides it, meaning, generally speaking, at the top of everyone’s Facebook timelines..

So generally speaking my videos get a Reach in Facebook of 150,000 from one simple promotion.
And it only takes me under 5 mins to setup this project (after video is created.)
Then of course the conversion will be only as good as my offer is in my video.

LIVE videos need a ton of action in them to get them noticed and clicked on to hear your offer, this offer should well be presented in text, in case you don’t know, the videos start playing without audio in Facebook, so we use different strategies to get the engagement happening and to encourage people to click on the speaker icon to listen in to the offer we are presenting them..
So what we can do now, is find all those groups on Facebook where people are already interested in what you have to offer. And broadcast any video you create to suit that market and your offer, directly to them and get extraordinary reach at no expense.
Since you already know your market, you can craft the perfect message and offer for them. The more value you present the better your offer will convert.
When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to get the value across, and to top the icing on the cake you need to give them something unexpected. In terms of an offer they can’t refuse. Typically this would be in the form of something for nothing of high value, digitally. In exchange for their email address. Once you have the email address this allows you to communicate your passion more clearly over time in long form.
This is what’s referred to as using a lead magnet.

Great news is we have just opened Beta Testing for Fb Live PRO, which means beta testers in exchange for helping us test and improve the product get in at a cheaper rate.

If you’d love to help us test this incredible software go to www.FbLivePro.biz/beta/ to apply.

See you on the Inside.