The Ultimate SEO hack without Black hat Software by Cliff Carrigan.
In case you missed the power of Cliffy’s new Ugly Pbner software.

Let me share this with you.

YOu have a bunch of niche related keywords you want to rank for,
irrespective of how competitive the niche is.

You load them up in Cliffys software

Then it provides you with a list of domains that already rank
in google for these terms. Boom!

Then click on the link in the software to purchase and own it.

Boom! You’re now ranked in google for your niche.

Need links to that site? run it again and get a ton of domains
that already have authority in this niche to link back to
your previous domain.

Rinse and repeat.

See my video interview with Cliff where we discuss how to achieve
this easily.

Make sure you watch Cliffys Video here

Where he not only shows you how the software works but offers
great insight into SEO in general. He did an amazing job.


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